Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005

I LOVE Halloween! I guess most adults do as it is one of the most popular adult holidays.

My kids love Halloween too. We start planning our costumes in August. Every year my husband and I have been together we have had themed Halloween costumes until this year.

Jasmine and Aladin
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Sunflowers and Sweet Pea
Bumble Bees
Duckling and Hunters
Peter Pan ensemble
Renaissence Royalty
Star Wars ensemble
This hodge podge of characters seen here - Noah didn't want to be anyone other than Anakin Skywalker. Melissa was set on wearing last year's ballet recital tutu. Luka was a shoe in for Laa-Laa as the Teletubbies had taken over his vocabulary and life at this point. At the last minute I found a cool and (very) inexpensive Maleficient costume. A little make up and I am good (personality was already in place).

I doubt I will ever again get the whole gang (usually including Andy) together in costume again. I like the idea, the style, the togetherness of the whole idea. I am sick that way. Iwould have the kids in sibling outfits for every major holiday if I could. I think it looks cute. I really think I have limited imagination.

This will go in the October 2005 folder in a week or so but until then ... enjoy! Posted by Picasa