Saturday, April 29, 2006

Melissa's Handpaint Hat

Here is a picture of Melissa sporting her handpaint hat. I just finished it today. I made it a tad bit big hoping she would have room to grow into it (and of course hoping against hope she doesn't lose it!).

I used a fun and easy decorative ribbed border called *Slip Stitch Scallop* from Knitting on the Edge by Nicki Epstein. The basic hat pattern came from Knit Great Basics by Vicki Square.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Fuzzy Fuzzy Yarn and Scarf

Here is a quickie scarf I knit on size 35 needles. It zipped right up in no time flat. Four or five rows of garter stitch then a a row of K1, YO repeated across the needle and the next row regular garter stitches with the YO's dropped.

I won this Annie Blatt ribbon yarn and fuzzy eyelash yarn at holiday open house. It isn't what I would normally purchase but it will come in handy some Monique in Blue kind of day.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hand Paint Yarn

On Saturday we went to visit our friends the H-Ds. They live about an hours drive away from us. Andy and the kids brought rockets and the trebuchet. I brought Cascade 220 natural yarn and a few dyes. The dads and kids went outside on the property to launch things. The moms stayed inside to dye yarn and tyedye clothing. We had so much fun chatting that the dyeing started rather late. No clothes were dyed but yarns were.

I dyed two skeins in each colorway for each child. I hope to knit a hat and mittens from each colorway.

Here is the pink and purple yarn for Melissa. She LOVES her pinks and purples.

Here is Luka's blue and green. I think this will make a merry little hat and mittens for him.
Here is Noah's camo in green and buff. He has become quite enamored of camo. I swear he wears his camp pant almost non-stop. I may have to get another pair for him so we can wash the pair closest to the state of standing up in the corner on their own.

At some later point in the evening the kids came in to watch. the H-D boys and Noah took a turn at hand painting yarn too. This is Noah's skein and wound ball of hand paint yarn. I think it looks dreamy and soft and yummy to knit.

We are trying to figure out what he wants to knit it up into. Maybe he'll give it as a gift to someone?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Finished Project

I had so much fun knitting this little project up ... last year. I finished it today. What this means is I didn't want to work in the million little ends or sew the pieces together. I hate sewing together pieces I have knit. I don't know why that is but it is.

It is so cute I should be kicking myself. Luka could have worn this all the last year. Now he will get to wear it for a few months and it will need to be put away for another time ... like when he starts having kids of his own. Yikes! The kid is TWO!!

Here he is modeling his sweater. He does look cute in it. I may have to make another one for him soon. I used the Devan pattern by Holli Yeoh from Spring 2004 issue of She called for a fingering weight of yarn. I used the Regia 6 ply (or something similar) and adjusted the pattern. It worked great! It is washable!