Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sunny days

Today was clear and bright and warm - for late February in Oregon. I scheduled a Reach for the Stars read-a-thon for a Portland area Charter School. We (the kids and I) went to swimming. We went to the Corvallis brewing Supply shop for more ingrediants. Noah finished his Singapore Math 1B book then left for a Wolf Cubs meeting. The baby and I cuddled and nursed on the couch. Melissa played and sang her sweet songs. Andy took the kids to the park to ride bikes and I went to a Benton County Breastfeeding Coalition meeting. Dinner as a family. I racked beer into the secondary fermenter. Kids played. We are all dropping off to sleep one by one.

Almost no knitting today. Well I did get 3-4 rows of the second turkish heel in my dad's socks. They will be here on Monday so I should step it up and get them done. I almost chose a Witbeer recipe called Knit Wit. I went with Belgian Clouds instead.

Sunny and busy days.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Toe up Twists & Checks

Finally! This is my first toe up sock!!

It is for my dad. He has 12 inch long feet. He picked this cabernet colored skein of Opal yarn. I was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn left over for the second sock so I took it to the LYS to split the skein. We used a yardage meter (sucked on the fingering weight yarn) then weighed it on the scale. I also (obviously) chose to make the heel in a contrasting dark grey color.

I used a pattern out of the sock book Cool Socks Warm Feet by Lucy Neatby to start at the toes and add back in the turkish heel.

I knit the foot, heel, and leg using the two circular method from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles: a Manual of Elegant Knitting Techniques and Patterns by Cat Bordhi.

I used a rib pattern called Twists & Checks from page 60 of the Summer 2004 issue of Interweave Knits. It was called the Anniversary Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 19, 2005

La Leche League Life

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Today I had several Leaders from around the state at my house. Also in attendance was Joel G. He is the consultant working with (not FOR) LLLI. He came to discuss Distributed Systems and Areas.

I feel like LLLOR is already a long way toward being a Distributed System. It would, in my opinion, be a good thing for Leaders and League to become a Distributed System. The beauty of the thing is those who were excited about it could join us and those who liked things the way they are could stay where they are.

Sunday night I hope other Leaders (and some of the same ones) will be here for some fun. Monday morning is the Area ADC/ACT/Leader meeting. We'll discuss DS, the Area Conference and other important (to me) stuff. I'll also take photos of Leaders so they can be uploaded to the LLL Community Network.

Soon (I was hoping today) the Area's new software will arrive. I am hopiong the FrontPage SW will help me make webpages that the Leaders can do more interacting with. It will be GREAT to make a month by month series of webpages the Leaders can use to be accountable to each other with. I envision each Leader inputting her stats and leaving a brief message about how her LLLLife is going for her.

Baby is pulling on my arm so it is time to sign off.

Working on my brewing journal

I am making beer again. It has been almost 8 years since I first started to brew. I am looking forward to the outcomes. :-)

My brewing journal is here Dizzy Broad Brew. I hope you will join me there on occassion to see what I have brewing.