Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Spiffy and Luka

Rushing home after OMSI we made it to Noah's Cub Scout Pack meeting. It appear Luka helped *Spiffy* make the awards. Posted by Picasa


Luka and Melissa are having fun at OMSI in the toddler sand pit. We spent over 5 hours playing all over OMSI. It is an awesome place for kids aged 1-99. Posted by Picasa

Luka Checks out the Portland Map


Luka is checking out the map of Portland. He is my fearless navigator and sometime paper shredder. I did get to figure out the route to OMSI before he completely shredded the map.

By the by ... we spent the night in this LOVELY little hotel called the Inn at Northrup Station. It is a cute, funky, colorful, friendly and immpeccably serviced little hotel on the streetcar line in NW Portland. It comes HIGHLY reccommended by this family. The (roomy) rooms have sitting areas, kitchenettes and two TVs (when adults and kids can't agree on some mindless viewing). Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santaland pictures

This Santaland has been happening at Meier & Frank in downtown Portland for over 40 years. My parents both sat on Santa's lap here when youngsters. My sister and I sat on his lap when I was 13. My own kids have sat on Santa's lap here as well. Always a top notch Santa!

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Meier & Frank has been bought out by Macy's. In 2006 it will begin its metamorphosis into a Macy's with a swank hotel on the top floors. Santaland will be (reportedly) relegated to the basement. The monorail will unfortunately be dismantled and taken to who knows where. I am SO sad about this. My kids are devastated! Posted by Picasa

Portland Zoo Lights


Part of our annual holiday festivities is to visit the Portland Metro Zoo for Zoo Lights. We eat a yummy buffet dinner then walk it off looking at the beautiful lights at the zoo. We always take a ride onthe Zoo Train too. Unfortunately Luka was asleep and hidden under his blankets when I took this photo. Ah well ... the kids had a blast. The weather was dry if not warm. Posted by Picasa