Sunday, May 08, 2005

Newborn Baby Sweater(s)

This is the second of three baby sweaters I knit. The first was kelly green , lavender, and yellow and went to my friend in Salem for her (then) unknown sexed baby. A yellow ribbon was used.

This one was knit for my friend Deb and her baby boy - Ian.

The third was knit with a similar yarn the the second except the yarn colors are tan, pink, and orange. A pink ribbon was used.

The pattern is relatively simple, quick, free online (if I can remember where I'll post it). Cast on the back. Knit up tothe arm pits. Cast on the arms. Knit up to the neck. Place neck stitches on holder yarn. Knit up over the left arm. Cast off the sleeve stitches. Knit down the front. Cast off at the front bottom. Knit over the right arm. Cast off the sleeve stitches. Knit down the right fron. Cast off at the right front bottom. Pick up the right side front stitches, pick up the live neck stitches, down the left front. Knit the band. Cast off. Weave a few ribbons in to tie the sweater closed. About 4 (uninterrputed) hours for me from start to finish. Posted by Picasa

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