Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here we go again

I have rediscovered my web blog again. I just spent an enjoyable hour reading the Yarn Harlot I think I will give it another try.

Noah is doing well. His swimming, math, and piano playing are all wonderful. He is SO TALL! I am enjoying him right now. He is such a joy to spend time with. He is finding he likes to play computer games like Civ IV and the Falling Sand Game.

Melissa is a beautiful, smart, caring and funny girl. She is all about herding her brothers, playing with her dollies, riding her scooter throughout the house and singing karaoke in her own language. She is learning to read. Her writing abilities and creative spelling are awesome and fun!

Luka is SO TWO!! Well he will be two in 10 days. His language skills feel a little scary. He went from about a dozen words to parroting everything we say then using the words and phrases correctly at a later time. His vocabulary is immense. His behavior is so mischievous. He has dropped the morning nap and moved his afternoon nap to later and later in the day. I think he would do well to nap three out of four days rather than every day. He is still nursing and thinks when I sit down it is an invitation to nurse. This is rather inconvenient when I want to sit and knit. I may have to get used to knitting while standing up for the time being.

My New Years Resolutions are:
- Breathe. (Never hurts to remember that, hmmm?)
- Love my kids. (I haven't said love my husband because he is so easy going and easy to love. The kids make me feel a tad bit crazy at times though.)
- Finish the knitting projects I have begun before starting new projects.
- Knit something substantial for myself (I do have several pairs of socks.).
- Publish some pictures of my knitting projects.
- Get more exercise.
- Lower my blood pressure.
- Get my cycles back into order.
- Build my business slowly and keep up with my steady work.

Happy New Year!

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