Monday, January 09, 2006

Unschooling at its best and worst

WOW! I just finished reading this article about an Unschooler. For me it read as exciting as a novel. (Silly, I know but still ...) I was excited, nervous, awed, grossed out, ready to ditch unschooling, feeling triumphant and exhilirated by unschooling.

Trust. It is all about trust and love and trust.


Gina said...

I read this awhile ago and had all the same thoughts (plus, what a hottie Big Quinn is, eh?)! We're definitely moving toward US. There's just no other way for it to be manageable with three little guys, a home business, my schedule aversion, etc.

Plus, he's into yoga. That's my new "thing"--I don't think I've blogged about that tho. :::eye roll:::

Monique said...

I was thinking he was a bit of a hottie too. Tall and lean ... just like I like 'em!