Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Boys Get Their Haircuts

Here is Noah getting his hair cut. The barber is Bob of the Orange O in Corvallis. Bob cut Andy's hair when Andy was in high school and college. Andy fell right back into getting his hair cut with Bob once we moved back to Corvallis.

Bob is a get down to business guy with lots of great stories and information to share.
This is the start of Luka Baby's transformation into Luka Boy. It is happening late. By that I mean all of my kids have gottentheir first hari cut when they turned two years old. Not Luka. We took him to several haircuts for Andy and Noah to show him how it is done. We talked to him about getting his hair cut when he turned two. We asked him if he wanted toget a haircut. He said *No!*. Of course. The other kids were thrilled. He was less so. This day he finally said *Yes!!*. We called Bob.

Bob works incredibley fast and efficiently. I am always amazed at what a great job he does while seemingly expending so little energy. He is a true artisan. He makes it look easy. I know it isn't easy. Especially with 35 poundsof squirming, thrashing, kicking, mewling Luka Baby in the chair.

Despite the handy little chair and railing attachment for the capture and stilling of squirming little ones Luka needed to be held firmly in place. One would have thought each little starnd of hair was shreiking as it was cut!

The finished product. Bob could cut the will to nose pick out of him. Tada! Luka Boy!

Now he walks around proudly telling everyone how he is *No baby. I'm a big boy with a haircut!*

I just love this kid. He is so yummy when he isn't picking his nose.

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