Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 5

It is a fine, cool, sometimes snowy (but not sticking) day here in Knitting Olympics town. I am off to a slow start but I have started. Things appear to be going smoothly. I am warmed up. My needles are flying (for me). The kids are lost or rather lost to me as they are downstairs with Andy playing and shreiking to their hearts content (it is Valentine's Day after all).

I have decided to ignore Team *Hey! We're Drinking Here!* for the evening and concentrtate on the Team USA Knitting. Alas! I have been co-opted by Team *What Was I Thinking?*

At 10:56 PM this evening I sighed with contentment and pride. I had finished row 21 of the top (which is actually row 14 of the pattern as there are 6 rows of 1x1 ribbing and a single row of knitting first). All my stitches were even and nary a dropped stitch. It appears I am off to a smashing start.

No, wait! On closer inspection it appears I hve crashed headlong into the first gate and have created a HUGE snowball which is careening down the slopes taking down everything in its path. ARGH! This is the point that Team *What Was I Thinking?* takes over in my life (once again).

I neglected to increase evenly by 6 stitches in the center back portion of the top at row 10 in the pattern (which is how I will now describe the top - by the row in the pattern rather than the row from the cast on - just add 7 rows). I foolishly left out the cable pattern for 5 rows over 40 stitches on the back of the tank top. My clever little detail is ruined! All is ruined! My Olympic Knitting dreams are completely and totally trashed! Wailing and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness can be heard far and wide.

What is this? Do I dare beleive it? Have I chosen to pick it up and go on? No. Have I chosen to tink over 5 rows and over 1000 stitches? No! Have I chosen to drop 34 stitches, increase by 6 stitches, and reknit in pattern for 5 rows? YES!!!

I can not belive it ladies and gentlemen! I have chosen to and successfully dropped 34 stitches, increased by 6, and reknit in the cable pattern the 40 stitches for 5 rows!!! Amazing! And done in less than 45 minutes.

If I fail to complete the course I KNOW I am a winner for successfully challenging myself and completing this tinking project in mid tank top.

Please keep your applause and cheering to a dull roar. It is time for bed. The little ones are asleep (and we want to keep them that way).

Tommorrow I am definately joining Team *Hey! We're Drinking Here!*. It can't get any worse, can it?


five12 wannabe said...

Congrats! I think the hallmark of a good knitter is not lack of errors, but the ease and aplomb with which errors are dealt.

This is, of course, why I'm a terrible knitter. Ranting and smashing things equals aplomb (not)... :)

Monique said...

Thanks Ken A! I REALLY needed your positive feedback today. I am off to redress another knitterly wrong in the world!