Sunday, February 12, 2006

Melissa is an Inventor

Noah drew this picture of Melissa. She signed her name. Andy wrote is an inventor at Melissa's direction. She wants to use this drawing as a poster for her new business. She is an inventor and is welcoming business.

She has already invented:
the metal machine - makes metal come out of a slot when you pull on a lever.

the kid car - a driveable kid sized car that gives you the kind of food you really want to eat when you push on a button in the car.

the bending machine - bends metal.

the bad dream take awayer - takes away your bad dreams.

the squiggely scooter - it won't work on the web. You really won't be interested in it. I invented this for me. (A really cool scooter that uses office chair wheels. A sure fire way to end up in the ER with much use. - mom)

You can contact Melissa to hire her, through her mother, at the email link below.

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