Friday, February 17, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 7

I wish I knew how to make my own buttons. I would have to make a Team*Girl Scout Cookie* button. In my frustration and shame last night I downed most of a box of Tagalongs trying to assuage and balm my hurts. It worked marginally well and I am not hung over today. It could be a cute button.

Here is what my knitting looked like this early morning:

Again I had to rip back a selection of stitches to reknit with the cable needle the correct way. I think I finally have the hang of this pattern and am pretty well able to follow it without actually reading it step by step and row by row. I have for all intents and purposes knit and reknit the back section at least twice. The front hasn't caused me any trouble. I am so glad to be DONE with the back detail!!

Here is my knitting so far. I have completed 51 rows of pattern and an additional 7 rows for the edge. I am realizing I am actually half way done with the body of the tank top! Tomorrow I will have a few hours kid and distraction free so I should get lots more done. Maybe this will go faster than I thought it would. If I can just keep from making cabling mistakes I should be home free!

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